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Mr. Mann Pest Services operates out of Nottingham, extending its expertise throughout the Nottinghamshire region. As your trusted local Pest Control specialist, I am equipped to address your urgent need for assistance with a wasp nest promptly upon contacting Mr. Mann Pest Services. In most instances, I can provide treatment the very same day. My localized pest control service operates seven days a week, ensuring accessibility whenever you need it, with 24-hour availability for your convenience..



Being stung by a wasp or bee can be very painful, and for some, can be life-threatening if you are allergic to stings, so it’s best to act quickly and get a competent Pest Controller to treat your wasp nest.  An active wasp nest at your home or business can stop contractors completing essential works being completed at your home or business (harm to tradespersons working on site) or drive customers away from your business.


Wasps can often be mistaken for bees and often don’t need pest control intervention, however they are known for building their nests in places where people like to gather, around your decking, sheds and in the eaves of your house potentially putting vulnerable persons at risk (Allergic to Bee stings), in such cases a pest control solution may be required if the Bee nest is not easily accessed for removal to a new location. If the nest is accessible I will always attempt to remove the nest and relocate to a safe place. I have large areas of farmland that I have permission to relocate such nests.


Finally a majority of Wasps and Bee nests can go undisturbed in attics and lofts until they are discovered in the spring by yourself but in most cases when you have a contractor on site trying to complete importance repairs or maintenance. Using a professional to complete a pest control treatment will prevent potential painful stings and other risks.

Wasps and Bees In the UK

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  • European Hornet
  • Bumble Bee
  • Honey Bee
  • Masonry Bee

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