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If you have a Grey Squirrel problem you will certainly know it, as squirrels occupying a loft space can make a crazy amount of noise, usually at dawn and dusk e.g. Crepuscular – Most active at dawn and dusk. As you will be aware squirrels are brilliant climbers and are very good at finding holes, however they will also chew a suitable hole to gain access to your home. The very best thing you can do at this stage is seek an experienced pest control professional as quick as possible to prevent squirrels damaging your home and loft space.


In the many years I have been working in pest control customers have describing the noise as ‘a group of them having a party up there. Squirrels will continuously run around the loft space in search for nesting materials, causing anxiety and loss of sleep. These animals are very strong, have sharp teeth and sharp claws. They can even chew through soft metals and hard wood and many other materials used in lofts and on roofing. Being based in Nottingham I have the ability and experience to act quickly and get your treatment started and, in most cases the very same day you make contact.


Remember Mr Mann Pest Services are contactable 24-hours a day and open 7 x days a week.

Adult grey squirrel

Squirrel pest control is a particular specialism of mine and for many years have helped my customers in Nottingham and the Mansfield region. Let me assure you if I confirm you have a squirrel in your home it will be removed by Mr Mann Pest Services using a variety of tried and tested trapping methods backed up by using trail cameras set in your left to monitor activity whilst completing your treatment. If possible, on completion the entrance and exit routes will be identified and advice will be provided to prevent squirrels accessing your home again. At a small charge I can complete these works for you.


Grey squirrels often live and breed in roof spaces where it is safe and warm from January to April being the key time for squirrels to seek out a nice warm loft for this purpose. They use loft insulation and other materials to create large nests and can make quite a racket during this process, which can prevent you getting a relaxing sleep.


Squirrels can have 2 litters a year and have brood sizes of around 4 babies, following a gestation period of 44 days. The young are fed by the female for around 10 weeks, but can start eating solid foods at 8 weeks of age. The female can be very protective at this stage and will bite if cornered, so it is advised you seek an experienced pest control professional to undertakes the removal of squirrel. Grey squirrels can live for up to 4 years and if not stopped from entering your property will return year after year to raise their young. Being an invasive species, they are also known to raid bird nests taking both eggs and baby birds. In removing a squirrel from your property, you may very well be helping the native species in your garden and seeing more birds on your bird table.


Remember Mr Mann Pest Services are contactable 24-hours a day and open 7 x days a week.


The following are signs that squirrel’s may be present:

  • Noises in your loft space – dawn and dusk.
  • Droppings shaped like a raisin and ¼ inch.
  • Damaged bird feeders.
  • Damaged fascia boards and electrical wiring from gnawing.
  • Loft insulation dragged into piles.


If you require assistance in removing a squirrel from your home or business premises contact Mr Mann Pest Services your local professional based in Nottingham.


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