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Do you have or think you have a rat problem and need a local experienced Pest Control Professional?

Mr Mann Pest Services is aware how Rats can pose a serious health risk for both domestic and commercial properties. They are capable of spreading many forms of disease, some of which can be fatal (Leptospirosis). Besides this it’s very common to find chewed through piping, electrical cables which can lead to more serious structural damage, not forgetting damage to food items. In this situation act quickly and seek a locally based pest control professional.

Over my years working in pest control dealing with local customers resolve their rat infestations, I have witnessed how rats are the great survivors and with rats having the ability to climb, burrow and jump combined with their rapid breeding pattern make controlling rats very challenging they can access almost any building and are constantly assessing areas of weakness such as holes around pipes or where maintenance hasn’t been completed, hence the importance of pest control measures being implemented quickly by a trained and experienced pest control professional such your local Mr Mann Pest Services.


Remember Mr Mann Pest Services are contactable 24-hours a day and open 7-days a week.

Pest control measures are important to gain control of a rat infestation quickly, Mr Mann Pest Services will complete a very thorough site inspection, covering all areas of your property or business premises.  On complete the most appropriate and effective means of pest management will be advised and implemented.  This could consist of siting tamper-resistant rodenticide monitoring points / using traps or a combination of these methods. A program of follow-up visits will be planned to monitor progress. To ensure the safety of all my customers you will receive verbal communication and a detailed report relating to the safety measures and the areas covered. All rodenticides will be used as per the product label and traps will be enclosed in tamper-proof boxes.


Finally, on completion of any site inspection or treatment I will always advise on how to make common entry points less accessible, blocking holes or protect doorways to prevent further rat issues at your home or business. If you wish I can also offer an annual monitoring contract that would have bait monitoring points sited in vulnerable areas and monitored on a regular basis e.g. 8 x planned routine inspections which includes an emergency call-out service.


Mice – Pest Control and Prevention


Working in pest control for numerous years I know and understand how stressful it is for a home or business owner when you have or think you have a mouse problem? The most common type of mouse that invades property is the house mouse. Originally from Asia, they have an amazing ability to adapt to most environments, and will readily move in to your home if given the slightest opportunity – a gap of just 7mm is enough for them to squeeze through.

Mice can cause extensive damage to property as a result of their gnawing activities and with their urine and dropping (up to 100 droppings a day). In addition, they are often carriers of fleas and a wide range of diseases, which can be passed on to humans and household pets. All of this means professional mouse control is a must.

Mice are very versatile when it comes to building their nest. Utilising many different materials and locations. A house mouse is able to reproduce as early as 8 weeks old, and the gestation period will typically take just 21 days (3 Weeks) and can be still weaning her last brood in this period.

Litters can contain between 3 and 11, but this largely depends on environmental conditions such as food availability and outside temperature. Mice have a very varied diet and they will eat just about anything. As mice eat, they are leaving urine and droppings that will contaminate food, leading to potential health issues. Mortality rates are high, but mice will still typically live for 8-12 months, by which time, a breeding pair could potentially produce thousands of offspring.

Seeking Pest control by an experienced professional is key to control of a mouse infestation fast.  Mr Mann Pest Services based in Nottingham will get to your home or business quickly and will perform a very detailed and thorough site inspection, covering all known entry points and harbouring areas using the years of my experience. On completion the most effective means of pest management will be advised. This could consist of siting tamper resistant bait monitoring points or using traps or a combination of these methods. Return visits at the correct frequency will be necessary to monitor progress and if needed alternative methods may be used. To ensure the safety of all my customers you will receive verbal communication and a detailed report relating to the safety measures and the areas covered. All rodenticides are used as per the product label and traps will be enclosed in tamper-proof boxes.


Pest Control Proofing – Mice


With mice having the ability to get through very small gaps it is vital to find and proof these weaknesses. At Mr Mann Pest Services I specialise and take great pride in the ability to locate these areas of weakness and advise on the effective proofing options on completion of all mouse pest control jobs I complete. Options include the following – blocking off all holes, meshing off air-bricks and adding door strips to stop rodents entering under doors etc.

If you require assistance in controlling a mouse infestation or want to proof your home or business premises against mice contact Mr Mann Pest Services your local professional in Nottingham.


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